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The Anssi Tikanmäki Filmorchestra was formed in 1986 for the first Sodankylä Film Festival and has been active ever since, appearing both at the festival and in many Finnish towns, in Sweden, Estonia, Germany and Austria. Its repertoire consists of such 1920s silent film classics as "Greed", "The Battleship Potemkin" and "Der letzte Mann".

ATFO from the right: Anssi Tikanmäki, Mikko Kangasjärvi, Eemil Tikanmäki, Juuso Nordlund, Masa Orpana, Sami Kuoppamäki, Pentti Lahti, Jari Yliaho, Eljas Tikanmäki (foto: Maarit Tikanmäki)

The score for "Juha" has brought Tikanmäki invitations to various parts of Europe. The Anssi Tikanmäki Filmorchestra has continued its live performances since the Berlin premiere of "Juha": the Finnish premiere followed in Helsinki on 25 February 1999, since when the orchestra has appeared at the International Biennial for Film Music in Bonn, where the score for "Juha" was shortlisted for the International Prize for Film & Media Music. In summer 1999 the orchestra appeared at the Sodankylä Film Festival and in autumn that year in Stockholm, Oslo, at the Pordenone silent film festival in Italy, in St. Petersburg and Tallinn. During 2000-02 the orchestra performed at EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Tokyo, Porto and Lisbon.

The orchestra at present consists of nine musicians performing on drums, percussion, bass, electric guitar, keyboards, accordion, violin and reeds. In performance, the orchestra sits in front of the screen, just as film orchestras did in the days of the silent film in the 1920s. During the performance the orchestra synchronises the music with the image on screen.

A live silent-film performance is an unusually intense experience - a mixture of film and concert. Sound and picture are seamlessly interwoven. The live music immerses the viewer-listener in the film more effectively than recorded sound since the physical presence of the players makes a very concrete impact. The sound and dynamics are in a completely different category from those of an ordinary film screening.

The members of the Anssi Tikanmäki Filmorchestra are:

Sami Kuoppamäki - drums, percussion
Juuso Nordlund - bass
Eljas Tikanmäki - keyboards
Mikko Kangasjärvi - keyboards, accordion
Jari Yliaho - guitar
Eemil Tikanmäki - violin
Masa Orpana - reeds
Pentti Lahti - reeds
Anssi Tikanmäki - keyboards, conductor

Silent film performances by ATFO:

"Juha" (A. Kaurismäki)

  • 12.02.-99 Berlin, Germany; Berlin Filmfestival, Delphi Theater (world premier)
  • 14.02.-99 Berlin, Germany; Filmfestival, Akademie der Künst
  • 25.02.-99 Helsinki, Finland; Bio Rex
  • 09.06.-99 Bonn, Germany; Kunst- und Austellungshalle
  • 18.06.-99 Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival
  • 31.08.-99 Stockholm, Sweden; Svenska Filminstitut
  • 01.09.-99 Oslo, Norway; Oslo Filmteattret
  • 08.10.-99 Pordenone, Italy; Silent Film Festival
  • 09.10.-99 Pordenone, Italy; Silent Film Festival
  • 22.10.-99 Helsinki, Finland; Bio Rex, European Capital of Culture
  • 12.11.-99 St. Petersbourgh, Russia
  • 10.12.-99 Tallinn, Estonia; Black Nights Film Festival
  • 18.06.-00 Hannover, Germany; Expo 2000
  • 20.07.-00 Tokyo, Japan; Tokyo Summer Festival
  • 22.03.-01 Porto, Portugal; Porto 2001 European Capital of Culture
  • 27.04.-01 Lissabon, Portugal; Gulbekian Foundation
  • 28.04.-01 Lissabon, Portugal; Gulbekian Foundation
  • 29.05.-01 Helsinki, Finland; Kaisaniemi
  • 07.03.-03 Tampere, Finland; Tampere Short Filmfestival
  • 17.06.-05 Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival, 20th anniversary
  • 09.09.-06 Brussels, Belgium; Vlaanderen Festival
  • 31.09.-06 Krems, Austria; Noe-Festival
  • 26.11.-06 Caen, France; Les Boreales Festival
  • 02.09.-07 Helsinki, Finland; Umo Festival
  • 01.03.-08 Budapest, Hungary; The Palace of Arts
  • 03.07.-08 Paris, France; Paris Cinema
  • 11.09.-08 Tampere; Tullikamarin Pakkahuone

"Der Letzte Mann" (F.W. Murnau)

  • Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival -95
  • Helsinki, Finland; Juhlaviikot -95
  • Umeå, Sweden; Umeå Filmfestival -95

"Man with the filmcamera" (D. Vertov)

  • Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival -90
  • Umeå, Sweden; Umeå Filmfestival -90
  • Tampere, Finland; Short Filmfestival -93
  • Bonn, Germany; Kunst- und Austellungshalle der BDR -93
  • Helsinki, Finland; Savoy -theatre -94
  • YLEisradio RTI/TV1 -94
  • Greifswald, Germany; Nordische Klang -95
  • Berlin, Germany; Haus der Kulturen der Welt -95
  • Wien, Austria; Wiener Konzerthaus -95
  • Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival -95

"Judex" (L. Feuillade)

  • Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival -89

"Battleship Potemkin" (S. Eisenstein)

  • Turku, Finland; Concerthouse -88
  • Oulu, Finland; Cafe Adam -88
  • Vantaa, Finaland; Martinustalo -88
  • Tampere, Finaland; Tullikamari -88
  • Järvenpää, Finland; Concerthouse -88
  • Göteborg, Sweden; Göteborg Filmfestival -89
  • Tallinna, Estonia; Linnahall -89
  • Stockholm, Sweden; Svenska Filminstitut -90

"Greed" (E. von Stroheim)

  • Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival -87
  • Vantaa, Finland; Martinustalo -87
  • Helsinki, Finland; Savoy-theatre -87
  • Wien, Austria; Wiener Konzerthaus -95

"By the law" (L. Kulesov)

  • Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival -86
  • Sodankylä, Finland; Midnight Sun Filmfestival -05, 20th anniversary